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News From Lake Nasser

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Tiger fish territoryTiger fish territory
Kaya Cole at the helmKaya Cole at the helm
John Wilson bank fishingJohn Wilson bank fishing
Ian Hazel and friendsIan Hazel and friends
Fiona Hamilton and her 110 pounderFiona Hamilton and her 110 pounder

News from Lake Nasser - January 2013

Best wishes for a successful 2013 which I feel sure will be a good year for all of us. 
So far the 2012/13 winter season has been relatively busy for us despite the political climate. Our main client base has been American and British expatriates who live and work in Cairo and the word has been spreading that a small boat safari on Lake Nasser is a unique experience and a relaxing break from the big city. In February we are arranging a special safari for the Cairo Boy Scouts and their families. Kids have a great imagination and sense of adventure; we are very much looking forward to helping them have a fun filled experience.
We also had visitors from the Middle East; our most distinguished guest was HRH Prince Bandar Al Saud who is the Secretary General and Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Wildlife Authority. Bandar, as he prefers to be called, was one of the friendliest people I have met for a long time; one of his guests was David Rundell who is the retired American chargè d’affaire to Saudi Arabia.
The atmosphere in Egypt is becoming much more positive with tourism starting to pick up again so now is a good time to visit while there are still some good price offers and the antiquity sites are not as massively crowded as they normally are. If you are considering coming on one of our safaris during the 2013 summer high season then do not delay for too long with making a booking because the months mid-March to the end of June in 2013 are starting to fill up.
Look forward to welcoming you on one of our boat safaris.

Tim Baily

African Angler            
Visit our web site which has been up-dated with 2013 details:


Fishing Report

Despite the relatively low number of safaris the fishing has been good. In November one fishing boat with two anglers on a 8 day Nubian Safari reported a catch of 59 fish with the top weight of 110lbs. Another group in November commented, “Some good fish caught, three of 84lb on the same morning, "absolutely unbelievable." There were also a 70lb, 54lb, 53lb, 44lb plus a mix between 10lb & 30lb. Tiger fish, size for size one of the hardest fighting fish around, have been very active when targeted on light tackle or a fly rod and have provided great sport especially when anglers have located a feeding shoal.
We had a lot less anglers on the lake due to the unnecessary concern people have about the political climate in Egypt. But, when all is said and done we were very pleased with the season’s results.
Fishing for giant Nile perch on Lake Nasser is very competitively priced when compared with other international venues so if you have not been on one of our safaris then come and give it a try.

Starting Young

In October 2012 we had the pleasure of the company of Kaya Cole who is the youngest person to have ever been on one of our safaris. Kaya was 15 months old when she came to Lake Nasser. This vivacious pretty little girl won the hearts of all the African Angler staff who were looking after her … she was simply adorable.


John Wilson’s Safari March 2013

                                                                                 Monday 18/03/2013 to Monday 25/03/2013 (Six Days fishing)
John Wilson is a household name in the UK angling community; a legendary author and TV personality who has devoted his life to the true spirit of sport fishing; his work was acknowledged in 2010 when he was awarded an MBE. John has a wonderful knack of sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow anglers and is great fun to be with on a safari. Over the years John has been on 19 safaris with us and has become a valued friend; his supporting publicity has done more to help us than any other single individual.
There are still some places on this safari; a great opportunity for what will prove to be a memorable fishing experience.


Gap Filler Lake Nasser Safari

                                                                                 Saturday 23rd March to Thursday 28th March
This safari is a really good deal because the dates are High Season, one of the best times to come fishing on Lake Nasser
6 days fishing
Safari on its own     £865  £780      €1,055  €950       $1,395  $1,255
Safari with hotels    £975  £875      €1,190  €1,070    $1,570  $1,415

Single Angler?

Single Anglers are always welcome on our safaris but chartering a fishing boat on your own is expensive. When a single angler books a safari with us we do our best to link them up with a like-minded fishing buddy to share the cost.
Gareth Bassett (Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) a South African angler is looking for someone to share his fishing boat on a Lake Nasser Safari starting 11/03/13
Contact Peter for more details on any of the above – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What People are Saying

From: Ian Hazell - Acton Angling
Sent: 26 November 2012 11:13 PM

 Hi Tim
Just wanted to let you know that the safari was excellent as usual. Everyone had a great time, some good fish caught, three of 84lb on the same morning, "absolutely unbelievable." There were also a 70lb, 54lb, 53lb, 44lb plus a mix between 10 & 30.
I have attached a few photos for you to have a look at.
Looks like everyone is keen to return so hopefully see you next year.
Thanks for everything.
Regards Ian

From: Ian Hamilton
Date: 15 December 2012 16:52:17 GMT

 Hi Tim
As promised here are the pictures of Fiona’s 110lb fish.  We had a wonderful safari as usual.  The food was fantastic, much better than the hotel, and it was really great to see Ahmed, our guide, and the crew again.  It is reassuring to know that nothing has changed on the lake, it is still as beautiful as ever, and the fishing was good.  This trip we managed to catch 59 fish over 8 days which was pretty good.  Hope to see you again next year.  Have a great time in Australia.
Happy Christmas
Ian & Fiona

From: Diana van Bogaert
Sent: 04 January 2013 8:53 PM

Hello Tim,
We got back yesterday from the trip.  It was a wonderful time!  It really ended too soon.  Marhaba was quite okay and the two others who joined us from the safari boat were great company.  I have to say - both Mohamed Abdou and Osama (the chef) - whom we had the most regular contact with - really contributed to the experience.  Great people to be around and quite professional on all levels.  I've left a full evaluation with Yousef.  We all hope to come back another time - and include more hiking time.  We all like archaeology and really quite enjoyed the sites too. Blah, blah blah... I'm sure you've heard it all before!
I'm really glad this all came together.  Thank you, Peter and the rest of your team for a relaxing, fun (and fattening) trip!  Best wishes to you and your loved ones in 2013.
Warm regards,






Annabelle, summer season’s youngest angler, provides dinner.Annabelle, summer season’s youngest angler, provides dinner.
Rigging a dead baitRigging a dead bait
Look Alive ... use soft baitLook Alive ... use soft bait
Brian and Donna Lipscomb with a nice 40 pounderBrian and Donna Lipscomb with a nice 40 pounder
Lkae Nassers prolific bird life




Lake Nasser News - August 2012,

It’s great to see stability coming back to Egypt with positive changes in the political landscape giving people hope for a productive future. We are already starting to get busy again as people get more confidence in travelling to Egypt.

We are aware of how the economic climate might be affecting holiday budgets. It is therefore good news that we have been able to maintain some very competitive safari prices for 2013. Browse our web site which has just been completely up-dated with new ideas for 2013.

We start this newsletter with a special offer to join our Reconnaissance & Training Safari in October at a reduced price, then news from Lake Nasser including an interesting article about a safari south of Abu Simbel with John Wilson in May this year followed by a fishing safari from Abu Simbel to Aswan.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lake Nasser for the coming 2012 winter season – plan ahead to get away from the coming cold wet winter days.

October 2012 - Reconnaissance & Training Safaris ** Reduced Price **

Each year we operate two reconnaissance & training safaris, at the start of our summer and winter seasons.

Fishing conditions change all the time and Nile perch, especially the big ones, are getting a lot smarter so to stay ahead of the game with new fishing techniques we get our safari staff together to exchange ideas about how to improve fishing methods and look for new hot spots.

We invite anglers to take part on these safaris because a lot of what we learn is as a result of input from experienced anglers. Even if you are not an experienced angler your contribution will be useful because we need help to explore new fishing grounds avoiding known ‘hot spots’ which is fun and sometimes very productive.

A training safari is operated in the same way as our LakeNasser Safari for details please visit our web site and click on Nile Perch Fishing and then in the left panel Lake Nasser Safari.

7 Nights & 8 Day Fishing Safari

October 08 to October 15 2012
March 04 to March 11 2013
2 share fishing boat each         From £800.00 or €1,000.00 or $1,250.00
3 share fishing boat each         From £600.00 or €750.00 or $935.00
House Boat & Fishing Boat Combo   All price combinations less 10%

If you are interested in joining this safari contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What People have said....

Sent:16 May 2012 15:17           Subject: Fishing trip - USA

I just wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time on our fishing trip in Aswan. Between my wife and I, we caught approximately 280 lbs worth of fish.
However, I don’t think we can take credit for even a single pound. Our guide, Hamdy, was amazing. He was friendly. He was funny. But, most importantly, he was serious about making sure we caught some fish. Hopefully, our tip showed how much we appreciated him, but we also wanted to let you know what a great guide he is.
Also, not sure if you need/want photos for your website, but here’s some proof of the size of Nile Perch.
J. Brian Lipscomb

Sent:19 April 2012 11:12       Subject: Re: Lake Nasser Safari - UK

Hi Tim,
Many thanks once again on another great week on the lake. The fishing was superb and as usual the food and hospitality excellent. It was great to meet you at the hotel at the end of the week and to discuss various ideas and methods for the future. For the record the catch details for the week are as follows:
 Perch- 61 to 62lb, a 38 and plenty in the 15 to 25lb area; these caught mostly trolling.
Tigers - 50 to 6lb, most around the 1 to 2lb range; Meps spinners taking the majority and a few on the fly and trolling.
Tilapia- 7, mostly small but pretty fish and a nice surprise as they are normally elusive!
A couple of Puffer fish but no catfish this visit (previous visits for me have produced fish of 22 and 32lbs).
Once again we saw the fantastic wild life on and around the lake including crocodiles, monitor lizards, camels and the variety of bird life that inhibit the area; kites, terns and many others I don`t remember the names.
Thank you again and we all look forward to returning later this year, (hopefully), and next spring.
Best regards

Sent: Thursday, 24 May 2012 10:05 AM         Subject:Thank you for nice safari - JAPAN

Dear Mr. Peter,
I've gone wonderful fishing safari in Lake Nasser with Mr. Kawasaki in 29 April to 4 May. In this trip, I've got a nice Nile Perch below by 8in optimum swim bait from the shore, and that was 116cm about 50lb.
This trip is my precious memory.
Thanks for your really nice safari, boat, and crews.
Akira Niitsuma                       
SHIMANOINC. Reel Development

Unexplored Territory May 2012                       

By Tim Baily

James first fish of the safari a 98 pounderJames first fish of the safari a 98 pounder
Phil Nadin best fish of the safari 128 pounderPhil Nadin best fish of the safari 128 pounder
Lynne Nadin with her 62 pounderLynne Nadin with her 62 pounder
James with his 65 pounderJames with his 65 pounder

Lake Nasser is shared by two countries Egypt and the Sudan, with two thirds of the lake in Egyptian territory and the remaining third in the remote Northern Sudan. The border between Egypt and Sudan is about 50km south of Abu Simbel; an area which has never been fished by rod and line as the authorities did not allow tourists to travel south of Abu Simbel due to concerns that their boats might mistakenly cross the border into Sudan.

Nabil, my Egyptian partner, has excellent contacts with the military hierarchy who control the border area, and after a bit of persuasion they agreed to give us permission to explore the area south of Abu Simbel. We set up a six day safari in late May 2012 to fish this unexplored territory. We were excited about the opportunity to explore an area of the lake which was virgin territory for sports fishermen – we had no idea what to expect!

John Wilson MBE (UK’s best known angling personality) and five other anglers joined us on this expedition. On the first day we decided to spend half of the day cruising south to get close to the border before we started fishing. The weather was appalling very overcast, hot muggy brooding weather which is the harbinger of sand storms – not good for fishing! However, we had an encouraging start; James Alexander caught the first fish of the safari a 98lb Nile perch within ½ an  hour of starting to troll and other boats were reporting big fish strikes and short hook up runs ending in the fish throwing the hooks.

On the second day we fished close to the border with Sudan and before lunch Phil Nadin, who has been on many safaris with us, landed the best fish of the safari a 128lb Nile perch in beautiful condition. In the afternoon Phil’s wife Lynne landed a nice 62 pounder and James had his second big Nile perch of 55 pounds despite the weather.

Then everything when quiet; a few half hearted hits and foul hook ups which is always the sign that the perch are not feeding properly; just butting at the lure out of instinct. I can only think that the feeding switched off because of the weather; take a look at the top picture (James’s 98 pounder) and you will see what I mean, sand yellow murky haze with no sun showing and it remained the same for the rest of the safari due to massive sand storms in the central Sahara.

Despite the weather this new fishing area has interesting potential and we are looking forward to planning more safaris to really explore the potential. The Nile perch caught on this safari included four very good fish from 128lb to 65lb which is OK for five anglers. The problem with fishing close to the Sudan border is its remoteness – well over 300km from Aswan.

Immediately following the Sudan border safari, during the first week of July, the boat safari unit with five anglers in 3 fishing boats fished north from Abu Simbel to Aswan. The sand haze weather lasted for two more days then a strong North wind came and cleared everything up and gave the safari four days of brilliant weather and some reasonably good fishing

Five anglers caught a total of 48 Nile perch and the best two were caught by Nicholas James 78lb and Warwick Allan 56lb. At least seven big fish were reported lost, estimated at top end double figure Nile perch. Barney had one, well over 100lbs lost on the gaff; it broke free and took the braid line under the boat parting the line on the keel of the boat. Almost all these lunkers were lost using 80lb braid line which brings into question the use of braid as opposed to monofilament?

We did not keep a record of Tiger fish caught on this safari most boats had about 2/3 per day and those who had the energy to go shore fishing during the lunch break caught a lot more. Tiger fish are prolific on the lake and are excellent sport on light tackle.

The area south of Abu Simbel still remains relatively unexplored; we did not get a proper chance to investigate the fishing potential because of the weather, so we have scheduled another safari to the Sudan border which starts on 15thApril 2013 for a week. If you would like to come on this safari do not delay in making a booking, a lot of anglers who know Lake Nasser will be interested in this opportunity.


Special Safari 2013              Abu Simbel South

Based on a Lake Nasser Safari starts Monday 15/04 ends Monday 22/04/2013

For details about this safari please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it











Up-Date March 2012

Safari crew & guides – party timeSafari crew & guides – party timeOver the past year the unrest in the Middle East has been dominating the world news and no wonder, there have been some quite remarkable events throughout the Arab world. Here in Egypt the transition to democracy has been relatively peaceful compared to Libya and now the awful atrocities taking place in Syria! Who would have ever imagined that President Hosni Mubarak and his government would be overthrown by popular revolt and that the military council that took power when Mr. Mubarak was ousted has pledged to turn over authority to an elected president by the end of June 2012.
The past year has not been a good one for Egypt’s tourism industry which has see a 30% drop in the number of tourists visiting the country. It’s a pity because many people have the wrong impression about how safe Egypt really is; if anything the Egyptians are now even friendlier to tourists. Gradually the tourism situation is starting to change as more people realize Egypt is safe and that now is the best time to visit before it gets crowded again.
Fortunately the African Angler has not been too badly affected mainly because anglers seem to be a hardier breed than the general public and also we get a lot of repeat business. We have been getting quite a lot of bookings from the expatriate community living in Cairo who instead of travelling to the Red Sea resorts for a break have been coming to Lake Nasser. We recently had an amazing expatriate safari, the first in African Anglers history, which had more women and children than men on the safari.
Fishing wise it’s a good time to come because there has been much less fishing pressure on the lake over the past 12 months.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lake Nasser.
Tim Baily
The African Angler

Summer 2011

The people’s revolution in Egypt has caused a lot of hesitation among people thinking of coming on safari with us for the first time. Many of the anglers who came with us this summer were those who visit us on a regular basis or have friends who have been on a safari who reassured them it would be safe.
The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics reported that the number of tourists arriving in Egypt between January and March this year (at the height of the unrest) fell to nearly 1.9 million. In the same period in 2010, the country received 3.5 million tourists. The good news is almost 2 million people visited Egypt during the months most affected by the unrest with no reports of anyone having been harmed.
It is not surprising that some of the travelling public are avoiding Egypt when they only have reference to the sensational media and TV coverage to form an opinion. Unfortunately they are getting a wrong idea about the real situation. Egypt’s revolution was about the people demanding change from a dictatorial regime, there is absolutely no antagonism against foreigners or tourists, if anything the opposite. Almost 10% of Egyptians rely on tourism for their livelihood and as such they are going out of their way to welcome those tourists who are still coming to their country. Aswan and Lake Nasser is as safe as it has ever been in the past.
No one should have a moment’s hesitation about coming to Egypt. I have lived in this country for 18 years and have never felt unsafe; almost without exception I have only ever experienced friendship and kindness from the Egyptian people.
The operations of the African Angler on Lake Nasser are in full swing; fortunately we have not been too badly affected because anglers seem to be a hardier breed than the general public.
Our Nubian guides and safari crews are waiting to welcome you on a truly unique style of holiday and share with you memorable experiences on their wonderful Lake.
Tim Baily
African Angler – August 2011


Fishing Report Summer 2011
Hooked ‘Lake Monsters’
John Wilson’s Nile Perch Safari
Fly Fishing
Eco Safaris
Why should boys have all the fun?
What people said about this season?
A Great Deal – ‘4 men in a boat’
Come on a Training Safari?
Safari Diary from Down Under

Fishing Report Summer 2011

Filming ‘Lake Monsters’Filming ‘Lake Monsters’The feedback we got from anglers over this past season has been very positive. The catch trend was a regular capture of small to medium Nile perch (10lb to 50lb) plus a good number of bigger perch over 50lb up to 132lbs were also been captured and released. The biggest fish of the season was a 132 pounder caught in March. Tiger fish have been exceptionally active with numbers and good sizes, most anglers have had excellent sport.
The best way for you to get an idea about how the season progressed is to read what has been said by anglers who were on the lake this summer; check out the headings “What people said about this season?” and “Safari Diary from Down Under.”

Hooked ‘Lake Monsters’

National Geographic television channel is currently running a repeat documentary Hooked ‘Lake Monsters’ which tells the story about two American fisheries scientists conducting a research project on one of our safaris last summer. The film is about their adventures while fishing for Nile perch and hard fighting Tiger fish and at the same time conducting scientific research. The most interesting aspect of this research is tagging big Nile perch with satellite tracking devices and then following them day and night to record their movements and try to get a better idea about their every day behaviour.

John Wilson’s Nile Perch SafariJohn Wilson, great shore fishingJohn Wilson, great shore fishing

This is your opportunity of coming fishing for Nile perch with John.
John Wilson MBE is a household name in the UK angling world; a legendary author and TV personality who has devoted his life to the true spirit of sport fishing all over the world. John fell in love with Lake Nasser in the early pioneering days and has been on 16 safaris with us over the years. He has a wonderful knack of sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow anglers and is a really good fun person to be on safari with.

Lake Nasser Safari Summer 2012
Start: Monday 21/05/2012 End: Monday 22/05/2012 Six Days fishing
Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.

Fly Fishing

Taking on Nile Perch with a fly rod is a new and exciting challenge. Very few fly fishermen have had the opportunity to target this huge predator which is likely to give them the chance of catching the largest freshwater fish of their life!
Lake Nasser provides the best chance for fly caught trophy Nile perch, mainly due to the lake waters clear visibility and the ability to ‘sight fish’. The most effective method is walking, over a desert terrain made up of loose sandstone and granite rocks, casting large flies, sinking lines on heavy rods, often with limited back-cast, its hard work but rewarding.Lake fly caught record 67lbsLake fly caught record 67lbs
On a fly fishing safaris our live aboard fishing boats are teamed up with smaller boats we call stealth boats which are ideal mobile casting platforms. Use the fishing boat to reach productive fishing areas, towing the stealth boat, and then use the smaller boat for carefully fishing each area without the disturbance of the bigger boat. Stealth boats can be quietly drifted or rowed over underwater promontories or past rocky drop-offs, allowing anglers to cast or troll flies without the commotion caused by bigger boats. They accommodate two anglers, are skippered by an experienced fishing guide and can easily be towed while travelling. They are very fast and can quickly reach fishing areas.
On Lake Nasser Nile perch are traditionally caught while trolling or casting lures from the shoreline; at depth. However in the early northern hemisphere spring the perch start moving into the shallows to feed on spawning tilapia, where they can be more easily targeted by the fly rodder.
Nile perch can grow to a massive size, the Lake Nasser record, approved by the IGFA, is a perch of 230lbs caught on an African Angler safari. The lakes fly caught record, captured by Jonathan Boulton in May 2010, is 67lbs which we feel sure will be broken again soon.
An added bonus while fly fishing on Lake Nasser is the abundance of Tiger fish; although they are smaller than Nile perch, they can grow to 16lb on the lake with an average size of 2/4 pounds, size for size Tiger fish are some of the hardest fighting fresh water fish there are.

“…. we hooked and lost fish of over 60 pounds and saw cruising fish up to 150! Fly fishing for them is not easy, the fishing is the toughest and most extreme I have done. However it is by far the most exhilarating fishing I have ever experienced, much of it is spotting cruising or hanging fish, some blind casting but almost all the takes are seen so visually mind-blowing stuff. The sight of a 50 pound plus inhaling your fly from under a ledge at your feet with your leader in the rod guides will not leave you in a hurry.”
Clear visibility for sight castingClear visibility for sight casting
Jonathan Boulton BSc Zoology. REFFIS Director - Mavungana Flyfishing Consultants

Escorted Fly Fishing Safaris 2012

These Safaris are hosted by internationally experienced South African guide Jonathan Boulton. Jono has considerable experience fly fishing for Nile perch; the summer 2012 safari will be Jono's fifth visit to Lake Nasser in as many years.
The advantage of these escorted safaris is having a professional western fly fishing guide with you who has had previous knowledge of Lake Nasser and in depth experience about the best methods of targeting Nile perch and Tiger fish with a fly rod. Also, Jonathan Boulton owns South Africa’s largest specialized Fly Fishing store which will be an excellent contact for making sure you have the correct flies and equipment.
Mavungana Flyfishing Consultants

Dates for escorted safaris in 2012
Start Date: Sunday 15th April End Date: Monday 23rd April
Start Date: Sunday 22nd April End Date: Monday 30th April
Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the itinerary and cost of escorted fly fishing safaris.

Eco Safaris

The lake has an impressive variety of bird lifeThe lake has an impressive variety of bird lifeLake Nasser, one of the biggest manmade lakes in the world, is situated in the middle of the largest and driest desert on our planet. The lakes shoreline is a variety of desert landscapes, hilly and rugged, or flat and sandy with clean freshwater beaches; it’s a magical wilderness of stunning desert scenery bordered by clean fresh water which is dotted with rocky islands. There is an atmosphere of tranquillity, vastness and adventure offering a refreshing alternative to the crowded tourist sites of the Nile Valley.
In 1993 the African Angler pioneered fishing safaris on Lake Nasser and over the past 18 years we have become a household name in the sport fishing world for our first class boat safaris. One of the great joys of Lake Nasser is its desert scenery and wild life, most anglers are keen environmentalists and we are no exception. Using the experience gained by our safari teams we now also offer ecology related holidays.
The lake has an unusual desert eco system because of the abundance of introduced water into one of the most arid areas of our planet. There is an impressive variety of resident birds also the area is an important staging point for migrant and over-wintering birds en route between Europe and Africa. Other species of wildlife, Nile crocodiles, Dorcas gazelle, jackals, desert fox, and various smaller desert mammals inhabit the shoreline and islands. The lake is populated by small numbers of transient peasant fishermen and the residents are desert Bedouin camel and sheep herdsmen, who are seen grazing their flocks on the shoreline’s sparse vegetation.

Why should the boys have all the fun?

We have a popular safari discount aimed at helping fathers bring their son on a Nile perch fishing adventure which we originally called the ‘Father & Son’ discount then one day I added ‘or Daughter’. Chris Warner who is a Lake Nasser veteran having been on five safaris with us took me literally and brought his thirteen year old daughter Abigale. Before they sent off on the safari we all had a bet that Abigale would catch the bigger fish and sure enough she caught a 40 pound Nile perch. I take my hat off to Abigale who is a lovely girl with lots of pluck. It’s always great to see youngsters become interested in angling especially girls.
Chris and Abigale came to Lake Nasser this April and when she got home Abigale sent us this charming email.
From: Abigale
 Chris and Abigale smiles all roundChris and Abigale smiles all round
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 18:42:06

Dear Tim and Peter
I had a wonderful time in Egypt. It was an exciting, unique adventure. When I saw a Nile perch follow my rubber lure up to the rocks beneath my feet, I was terrified! It just shot out of no where... from the moment I hooked that 40lb Nile perch until 20 minutes after it had returned to the deeps of the lake Nasser I was shaking from all the excitement!!!
The Nubian people were all very friendly and always seemed very happy. They would always ask me how I was and if I had caught anything :) the food on the boat was AMAZING!! And iv never eaten such good food. Normal fish fingers will never live up to the expeditionary Nile perch fish fingers I had on the boat. The people who accompanied me and my dad on the trip were very friendly and keen fishermen. Our guide Mohammed Abas was very friendly and always made me smile he would make noises like a fish had taken the line and shot into the depths and go "yyyaaaaaayyyyyy .........160lb waaaaaaaaaa". It always made my dad smile too...
The weather was GREAT and the scenery was extraordinary. I loved the sunsets they were so BEAUTIFUL ! i saw a crocodile and some scorpions. i had the best time with my dad and all the friendly people and staff on the safari. HOPE I CAN COME AGAIN !!!!!!! will definitely bring my old man when im older to pay him back for the fab experience.
THANK YOU.........
love from
Abigale xx

What people said about this season?

Lunch is served on the Mother ShipLunch is served on the Mother ShipFrom: Keith Cornwell - England
Sent: Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Subject: Nubian Safari
Hi Peter,
Many thanks for all your help and support to myself, and Mick Upshall, before and during our recent Safari with your company. I was extremely impressed with the staff and facilities afforded to us during the whole holiday. The Basma Hotel was excellent too, and was the perfect end to the safari.
The actual fishing was out of this world, and we managed to catch some impressive fish. The spinning for Tiger Fish was great fun, and I personally managed one about ten pounds. Although we didn`t catch any Perch over 50 pounds, the 35lb fish is my biggest ever freshwater fish, so that was a genuine highlight.
You can rest assured that both Mick and I will be gracing you with another visit to the Lake, to see if we can better our personal bests.
Once again, please pass on our thanks to all your staff, for which nothing was too much trouble - food was very good and plentiful, beer was cold and definitely refreshing. I will be looking forward to our next adventure,
Best regards,
Keith Cornwell.

From: Brash, Adam - Cairo
Sent: 22 May 2011 10:53
Subject: Adam Brash Group's trip
Guys,Peter Mallott with his 90 pounderPeter Mallott with his 90 pounder
Your email just reminded me to send a note of thanks for our trip in April. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Ahmed & Hany were superb guides and the rest of the crew did a great job looking after us. We would recommend the experience to anyone. Nice set-up, good food, plenty of fish, topped off with a 90lb monster caught by Peter Mallott ……..
Enjoyed it so much we are planning to do it again next year…probably for longer, maybe 5 days starting from Abu Simbel and with a larger group (plenty of interest following tales of big fish & face book photos)

From: Helen Lachmann - England
Sent: Wednesday, 19 January 2011 12:38 AM
Subject: Helen Lachmann x 3 - Lake Nasser January 2011
Dear Peter,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how very much we enjoyed the Lake Nasser trip. The whole experience was quite unique – and everything from the catering to the crocodiles was wonderfully organised!
All the crew where exceptionally good and it was a great experience.
Best wishes
Dr Helen J Lachmann
UCL Medical School
Helen and her family are not anglers they came on one of our Ecology related safaris

From: Bernard Dillon - England 
Sent: 08 March 2011
Hi Tim,Live comfortably aboard a house boatLive comfortably aboard a house boat
We really enjoyed Lake Nasser and are full of admiration for your organisation and Staff who did so much to make our experience memorable.
Our guide Hani could not have been more helpful and I hope he manages to get to Mecca soon!
The only downside is that in February the big fishes did not play along with us, but that's fishing.
I would like to return in May 2012 along with my wife who is a keen angler. Could you advise if the following is feasible?
We would like to use the houseboat, Tiger along with a stealth boat, travelling from Garf Hussein to Abu Simbel.
Whilst fishing, we would also welcome the opportunity to visit any ancient temples, etc which we could not do this time.
Would we have the privacy of the houseboat to ourselves, which we would welcome, or could others be booked on to the boat?
I look forward to your reply,
Bernard Dillon

On all our fishing safaris you can charter a house boat and fishing boat combo; live comfortably aboard a house boat and use the second boat for fishing. This combo works well for a family or groups of friends; the more of you who share a house boat the less expensive the safari becomes for each person. Click for details House Boat Combo.

A Great Deal – ‘4 men in a boat’

Stealth Boats heading out for some actionStealth Boats heading out for some actionLike most places on our planet, the cost of living in Egypt has been increasing dramatically over the past couple of years. We do our very best to keep our safari prices affordable and still maintain a high standard. From what we can gather we are very competitive when our prices are compared to other international angling destinations.
We have come up with one cost saving idea which you might find interesting if there are four of you coming together. Because of the method of trolling on the lake, it is difficult for four anglers to troll effectively from one fishing boat without serious line tangles. When four anglers share one fishing boat we also include a stealth boat as their second fishing platform; two anglers fishing from each boat is the ideal fishing combination!
Stealth boat is the name we have given to our alternative fishing platforms which can fish areas more quietly and efficiently than is possible from our larger fishing boats. Whilst our bigger boats are also excellent fishing platform a stealth boat has the advantage of being smaller and less obtrusive. They can be quietly drifted or rowed over underwater promontories or past rocky drop-offs, allowing anglers to cast lures, or wobble dead bait without the commotion caused by a bigger boat. They are also fast and can reach new fishing areas much quicker than the bigger fishing boats.
If you don’t mind being a bit crowded with your accommodation this system is cost effective and also a great fishing arrangement. Cost per person £790, €920 or $1,265

Come on a Training Safari?

Tim Baily with a 145 pounderFishing conditions on Lake Nasser are changing all the time and Nile perch, especially big ones, are getting a lot smarter so we have to keep ahead of the game and learn new techniques. One of the best ways to do this is to get all our guides together on the same safari to exchange ideas.
We invite anglers to join these safaris to help finance the trip also a lot of what our guides learn is as a result of input from anglers. Your contribution will be useful even if you just help us to help find new fishing grounds avoiding known ‘hot spots’ which is fun and does not require a lot of angling skill.
This is a good opportunity to join in and get a safari bargain at the same time; these safaris are discounted by 10% for participating Anglers.
Training safaris are escorted by Tim Baily, who pioneered Nile perch safaris on Lake Nasser eighteen years ago and has become a world authority on fishing for this huge predator. The safaris are dedicated to experimenting with different techniques and to finding new fishing areas in one of the biggest manmade lakes in the world!
A training safari is operated in the same way as our Lake Nasser Safari click for more details
Training safaris are discounted by 10%. Single anglers are welcome and do not have to pay the single angler supplement.

Lake Nasser Safari (7 nights & 8 days)November 2011 - Abu Simbel to Garf Hussein
Start: Monday 7/11/2011 End: Monday 14/11/2011 Six Days fishing – Abu Simbel to Garf Hussein
Lake Nasser Safari (7 nights & 8 days)March 2012 - Abu Simbel to Garf Hussein
Start: Monday 5/3/2012 End: Monday 12/3/2012 Six Days fishing – Aswan to Garf Hussein
Training Emphasis – Night Fishing.
Nile perch are more actively feeding at night which is not traditionally a time we target them. Both of the above weeks have a full moon which will make it easier for us to learn how to safely fish at night.

Lake Nasser Safari - 7 Nights & 8 Days - May 2012 - Abu Simbel to Garf Hussein
Start: Monday 28/05/2012 End: Monday 04/06/2012 Six Days fishing – Abu Simbel to Garf Hussein
Training Emphasis – New Fishing areas
Abu Simbel is in the far south of Lake Nasser; because of the distances involved in reaching this area it is not as heavily fished as the north of the lake. The emphasis of this safari will be finding new fishing hot spots.
If you would like to make a booking please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Safari Diary from Down Under

By Mark Maddison

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi OiAussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi OiMark and his father William from Australia were on a one week Lake Nasser Safari which started in Aswan ended at Garf Hussein about 100km up river from Aswan. This is Mark’s diary of the safari.

Tuesday 12/04/2011:      After a morning stroll along the river in Aswan, we headed back to the Basma to meet with the rest of the anglers and the African Angler rep who would transfer us to the wharf to begin the safari. We were well greeted by the African Angler staff at the wharf. This was the first time we met our guide, Shaban, who once finding out where we came from, led a few of the other guides in an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Oi” chant. With this sort of welcoming, the only Australians had a lot to live up to for the rest of the week. After embarking on our fishing boat we travelled for about an hour from the wharf on a flat calm mid morning. Along the way we admired the desert scenery and began to realize how huge Lake Nasser was; like an inland sea. We began fishing for the first time trolling Super Shad Raps over some pinnacles for an hour or so before lunch. The anticipation had now grown. We had a few taps but no fish before lunch, with one of the other boats landing a small perch.
Lunch time came and it was time to experience the food that had been so talked up. It did not disappoint. Sam (Osama) the chef/host served up a restaurant grade 3; course meal with service to match.
Some shore fishing was done after lunch where we had glimpses of our first fish of the trip. There were many small tigers and puffers constantly chasing lures. No hook-ups, but it was great to see the abundance of life in the lake.
The afternoon was spent trolling and moving further downstream. As the golden hour (evening) approached the action started. Dad landed two smaller perch around 10 pounds within the hour. He was very pleased with himself, and I was already feeling the pressure. Dad finished off the day with a tiger fish of around 10 pound which is apparently quite large in these waters. Shaban was well pleased and again, so was my dad. All the fish were caught on the red head Super Shad Rap which was to be the standout lure of the trip.
That day finished with another large, high standard meal, a few beers and stories with the other anglers and then bed.

Mark Madison 35 pounderMark Madison 35 pounderWednesday 13/04/2011:      Day two started with a fabulous cooked breakfast. Still tired from the travel to Egypt, we were a little slow going in the morning. We re-checked the hooks and knots to make sure all was in order.
The conditions on the lake were rougher than the day before. The morning was quite. Trolling provided us with quite a few hits but no fish. We did however see our first Nile croc. Not a big one, but was still fascinating to see. I had to overcome my Aussie instincts to go onshore and try to wrestle it.
Leading up to lunch we stopped off on an island for some shore fishing. Tying on my white Squidgy Slick Rig soft plastic, I cast around the rocks. First cast and my first perch was on and landed. It was only a small one around 6 pounds, but the monkey was off my back. After lunch, the wind calmed off again. The fleet travelled across the lake where the fishing boats then started trolling and the mother ship moved to our night spot. A few hours of trolling had past as we headed towards the golden hour. The scenery was beautiful with an amber sky, flat water and some cliffs as a backdrop. I decided to change the colour of my Super Shad Rap as the fishing was quiet. First troll and I got my first big fish hit. One big run and the girl got off. “That was my chance” I thought to myself. Lures were back in the water for a troll in the opposite direction. Near the end of the troll, I had another big hit. The fish jumped out of the water 40 meters back from the boat. Shaban commented that that she was big, 60 to 80 pounds. It took about 5 minutes to bring her near the boat. A few meters away from the boat she sat just under the surface. Shaban was concerned that the lure was stuck across this fish’s maw. She looked at us, beat her tail and jumped out of the water dislodging the lure. Shaban gasped and I let out a few words which were internationally recognised. Trolling resumed. On the third pass, I couldn’t believe it but I hooked up again! Again it was a bigger fish. The mood was extremely quiet and tense on the boat during the fight. We finally landed the fish of around 40 pounds. There was huge relief on the boat as we retired back for dinner with the biggest fish on the safari so far.William Madison’s 96 pounderWilliam Madison’s 96 pounder

Thursday 14/04/2011:      We spent the start of the day back at the hotspot from the evening before. First troll and whack! I landed the smallest perch of the trip of about 1.5 pounds. The Super Shad Rap was almost the same size. This was the start to a great morning. Five perch landed up to 35 pounds before lunch. Our numbers were getting up there.
The afternoon provided us with glass smooth water. We trolled through some deeper water so put on the X Rap 30’s to get a bit further down. I pulled out the lure that I thought was going to be the secret weapon, the Sebile Koolie Minnow 190 with the large lip. This goes down to 65 feet deep. That afternoon we witnessed the best sunset of the trip but landed no fish. My arm was aching from trying to hold the rod with the deep diving lure attached to it.

Friday 15/04/2011:          The morning started early. I was up at 5 am to do some shore fishing before breakfast. Casting a Storm soft plastic around the rocks for about 20 minutes resulted in no fish. Taking one of the guide’s advice, I cast off a little point and landed a small perch. A few more casts and a lure change to a lorikeet pattern Squidgy and I landed another.
Today was the religious day for the African Angler staff so we would have a longer break over lunch. Shaban took us to a bay where we began trolling the Super Shad Raps. Every troll we were having hits. Before the early break we landed four perch up to 30 pounds plus a couple of tigers each. We had to leave the fish biting while we headed to shore so that Shaban could pray.
After lunch, the fleet of boats travelled over open water to our next destination. After about an hour of trolling, dad hooked up and landed a perch of around 10 pounds.

Migrating FlamingoMigrating FlamingoSaturday 16/04/2011:      We started the day trolling only a few hundred meters from our camp when Dad got a hit, his red head Super Shad Rap then got belted like nothing else on the trip. A few big runs and then the fished jumped. “C’mon dad” happily yelled Shaban as we saw the size of the fish. After ten minutes and a couple more jumps, the fish was boat side. Shaban struggled to get the fish in the boat. We were all were ecstatic after revealing its true size. Dad recovered while we headed to a nearby island for photos and to revive the fish. Dad cradled the fish in the water to recover then lifted it for photos and weights. 96 pound was the official weight! Some great photos were taken and the boat was on a high. The big girl swam off and we waited for five minutes to make sure she didn’t surface. Once trolling again I landed another of around 15 pounds
Lunch was spent showing photos and having a few celebratory Stella’s. The other seven anglers were in awe of the fish.
We spent about half an hour after lunch casting off the shore. This was one of the best shore fishing sessions of the trip. The lorikeet squidgy soft plastic got hit first cast. In total, I only landed one perch but lost four. Other groups of anglers had similar sessions with perch up to 30 pounds caught on the island bank.
The afternoon trolling was fairly quiet. Only a tiger fish landed. We did experience a dust storm though which blocked out the sun. It was a surreal experience.
For dinner that night, Sam put on a feast. We had a whole baked perch and everyone was upbeat about the big fish being caught. Our drinks tab spiked that night.

Sunday 17/04/2011:       This was to be our last day on the lake. I woke up early to hit the shore spot where we had luck the day earlier. After about half an hour I could only manage one perch about 8 pounds. They had obviously finished their feeding frenzy from the day before.
We spent a couple of hours travelling and trolling towards our drop off destination. Shaban found a large area which we worked for about half an hour. My Shad Rap got hit and a solid 35 pounder was landed. A few trolls later the old man’s rod buckled over again. Straight away Shaban picked it for a big fish. Ten minutes later a 75 pounder was on board. Everyone was happy although dad was almost exhausted by this stage. I finished the trip off with a beautiful camouflage coloured perch around 10 pounds.
We headed to the wharf at Garf Hussein for our last meal on the boat before being picked up. A few beers were had with other anglers as well as an exchange of stories. We ended up with the most and largest fish on the safari. Shaban once again celebrated with an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Oi, Oi, Oi”. After this, we tidied up our fishing boats and handed out gifts and tips to the guides. We were then transported back to the Basma hotel in Aswan to unwind.
We were completely happy with the African Angler safari. The fishing, staff, facilities, food and other anglers were all first rate. The tour left us with fond memories and plans to come back again and maybe even brave up to a summer trip next time!