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News from Lake Nasser – November 2014

The first fishing safari this winter season in October came up trumps for Ian & Fiona Hamilton who have been fishing with us almost every year since way back in 2004. They landed their best Nile perch a whopper of 140 pounds and lost another huge fish which Ian fought to the side of the boat where it threw the hook before the gaff could be used – such is fishing!!
If you scroll down to News from Lake Nasser January 2013 which was the previous safari Ian & Fiona came on you will see another picture of Fiona under the heading “What People are Saying” she is holding a 110 pounder and in her email made the comment “This trip we managed to catch 59 fish over 8 days which was pretty good”. As Ian and Fiona, who fish internationally, often tell me it’s not just the fishing, Lake Nasser really is a fantastic place to visit and your Nubian safari staff are exceptional.
This winter season has started off slowly with regard to the number of people booking safaris. Currently, most of our bookings are repeats from anglers who have already fished with us in the past and realize that Egypt and Lake Nasser is as safe as most places in the world. It is a great pity so many people are influenced by the media whose only interest is commercial gain resulting in frenzied reporting of news events as dramatically as possible to get the public to watch their TV channel or buy their newspaper. As the old saying goes ‘good news does not sell papers’

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Fishing Report January to May 2014

There have not been the usual large numbers of anglers fishing on Lake Nasser due to the political unrest which means the lake has had a good rest from lure anglers and fly fishermen.
Since January this year most of the overseas anglers were repeat bookings who knew Egypt was safe to visit. We also had a good number of individuals and families who live and work in Cairo who came to explore Lake Nasser.
Almost all the overseas anglers caught a good number of Nile perch and Tiger but generally speaking the sizes have been smaller than normal with plenty of perch in the 10 to 50 pound bracket being the average catch size. There were also been a lot of good fish captured between 50 pounds upward to just over 115 pounds (unfortunately we have not been sent a picture of this fish). Plus there were the usual stories of huge fish being hooked and lost. Read through the following blogs from some of the safaris.

Fly Fishing for Nile Perch
Fly fishermen have been having some good sport with a lot of small to medium sized Nile perch from 5lb to 25lb plus. When Nile perch get bigger than 20lb it is hard to keep them hooked because of their vey bony hard mouth
Tiger fish have provided great sport on a fly rod - read the comment from a professional US fly fishing guide who was fishing with us in May this year “It really is such a unique experience to be able to see some of the most important historical sites on the planet one day and stick 20 tigers the next!”
Fly fishing for Nile perch click for a new section on our web site

Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Last night I had dinner with Marc Pickering and Paul Taylor who had just finished a Nubian Safari. They have both fished Nasser on several occasions and have both been on a John Wilson safari? They had a great trip with a good number of NP in the 10 – 50 pound bracket and the best landed was a 75 pounder. Unfortunately Paul lost a huge NP both of them were ‘gob-smacked’ when Paul eventually got it alongside the boat, a huge fish which did a role just as Hamdi the guide was trying to gaff it then it was gone slowly back into the depths; they reckon it was well over 150 pounds. Such is fishing – Paul was very philosophical saying ‘the experience of fighting and seeing such a huge fish was enough’ If it had been me I am not sure I would have been as sporting as Paul was!!”

Tuesday 20th to Monday 26th May – Lake Nasser Safari
We welcomed back four English anglers who have been fishing with us on many occasions in the past, this group was organised by Chris Warner who has been on 9 fishing safaris with us over the years – a really good fun bunch of guys (See blog below Old Goats eat a kid!!) They were joined by a really nice young German angler Moritz Witter who was at the start of a great adventure travelling through Africa using public transport; see below for Moritz’s blog on his adventures Dunia Nzuri (In Swahili means beautiful world) - well worth a read.
There was lively competition between the English contingent and our lone German friend, after all the Germans had been getting the better football results. Guess what? Germany won the ‘golden bollocks’ award for the safari with an 86 and a 75 pound Nile perch.

Moritz Blog fishing on Lake Nasser

From: Peter DeBaun - Fly fishing guide USA Sent: 01 May 2014
“I wanted to tell you what a fantastic operation you're running on Lake Nasser. Although it was a bit early in the season, the Tiger Fishing was off the hook, and I caught enough perch to keep me dreaming.
It really is such a unique experience to be able to see some of the most important historical sites on the planet one day and stick 20 tigers the next!
Your guides, your staff, and the operation as a whole are all something to be proud of. Having guided in central Africa for the past nine years I am very impressed by what you have created. Fantastic!
All the best to you and yours! Keep up the good work!”

What People Say
Don’t just take our word about what a fantastic place Lake Nasser is check out what our guests have to say about one of Egypt’s natural treasures by visiting Trip Advisor


Bits & Pieces

Recomended Slide Show – Life on a Desert Lake Safari - will give you a great insight into the unique atmosphere of our small boat safaris.

Old Goats eat a kid!!
Our Nubian safari cooks have earned an amazing reputation for their cooking skills especially Osama who is the chef on our Mother Ship Karibu (Swahili – Welcome) most people are amazed at the standard of food he provides in the middle of nowhere.
I could not help the ‘tong in cheek’ title to this blog it’s a fun dig at a great bunch of guys who have been on safari with us more times than I can remember. Traditionally, on the last night of their safari they have a whole roast kid bought from the Bedouin herdsmen who graze their flocks on the shoreline of the lake. These pictures tell their own story….

Don’t complain about the wet weather in Europe…
On May 7th the most dramatic sand storm I have ever seen in all the time I have been in Aswan howled around my villa for several hours filling the place with fine dust; not good news for my major-domo Shougy!! It was an amazing sight watching this wall of airborne sand over 1,000 meters high descending on Aswan. Thank goodness all our boats are OK thanks to our staff that were on site. Only one canvas wind shield on our mother ship Keribu was destroyed.
We have experienced similar storms while on safari, you get plenty of warning to make sure all the boats are in a secluded bay and secure, the experience is uncomfortable but totally unique.

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
On the 10th May I had a most interesting day attending a seminar celebrating the annual international World Migratory Bird Day 2014 presented by the EEAA Aswan branch. They put on a very well organized event and I found it most encouraging to experience the dedication shown by the EEAA to protect their environment. The event was well attended and that there were also several important personalities from the Aswan Governorate attending. All strength to these dedicated people in their efforts to protect one of the world’s most important migratory bird flyovers across Egypt and Lake Nasser.










Tiger fish territoryTiger fish territory
Kaya Cole at the helmKaya Cole at the helm
John Wilson bank fishingJohn Wilson bank fishing
Ian Hazel and friendsIan Hazel and friends
Fiona Hamilton and her 110 pounderFiona Hamilton and her 110 pounder


News from Lake Nasser - January 2013

Best wishes for a successful 2013 which I feel sure will be a good year for all of us. 
So far the 2012/13 winter season has been relatively busy for us despite the political climate. Our main client base has been American and British expatriates who live and work in Cairo and the word has been spreading that a small boat safari on Lake Nasser is a unique experience and a relaxing break from the big city. In February we are arranging a special safari for the Cairo Boy Scouts and their families. Kids have a great imagination and sense of adventure; we are very much looking forward to helping them have a fun filled experience.
We also had visitors from the Middle East; our most distinguished guest was HRH Prince Bandar Al Saud who is the Secretary General and Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Wildlife Authority. Bandar, as he prefers to be called, was one of the friendliest people I have met for a long time; one of his guests was David Rundell who is the retired American chargè d’affaire to Saudi Arabia.
The atmosphere in Egypt is becoming much more positive with tourism starting to pick up again so now is a good time to visit while there are still some good price offers and the antiquity sites are not as massively crowded as they normally are. If you are considering coming on one of our safaris during the 2013 summer high season then do not delay for too long with making a booking because the months mid-March to the end of June in 2013 are starting to fill up.
Look forward to welcoming you on one of our boat safaris.

Tim Baily

African Angler            
Visit our web site which has been up-dated with 2013 details:


Fishing Report

Despite the relatively low number of safaris the fishing has been good. In November one fishing boat with two anglers on a 8 day Nubian Safari reported a catch of 59 fish with the top weight of 110lbs. Another group in November commented, “Some good fish caught, three of 84lb on the same morning, "absolutely unbelievable." There were also a 70lb, 54lb, 53lb, 44lb plus a mix between 10lb & 30lb. Tiger fish, size for size one of the hardest fighting fish around, have been very active when targeted on light tackle or a fly rod and have provided great sport especially when anglers have located a feeding shoal.
We had a lot less anglers on the lake due to the unnecessary concern people have about the political climate in Egypt. But, when all is said and done we were very pleased with the season’s results.
Fishing for giant Nile perch on Lake Nasser is very competitively priced when compared with other international venues so if you have not been on one of our safaris then come and give it a try.

Starting Young

In October 2012 we had the pleasure of the company of Kaya Cole who is the youngest person to have ever been on one of our safaris. Kaya was 15 months old when she came to Lake Nasser. This vivacious pretty little girl won the hearts of all the African Angler staff who were looking after her … she was simply adorable.


John Wilson’s Safari March 2013

                                                                                 Monday 18/03/2013 to Monday 25/03/2013 (Six Days fishing)
John Wilson is a household name in the UK angling community; a legendary author and TV personality who has devoted his life to the true spirit of sport fishing; his work was acknowledged in 2010 when he was awarded an MBE. John has a wonderful knack of sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow anglers and is great fun to be with on a safari. Over the years John has been on 19 safaris with us and has become a valued friend; his supporting publicity has done more to help us than any other single individual.
There are still some places on this safari; a great opportunity for what will prove to be a memorable fishing experience.


Gap Filler Lake Nasser Safari

                                                                                 Saturday 23rd March to Thursday 28th March
This safari is a really good deal because the dates are High Season, one of the best times to come fishing on Lake Nasser
6 days fishing
Safari on its own     £865  £780      €1,055  €950       $1,395  $1,255
Safari with hotels    £975  £875      €1,190  €1,070    $1,570  $1,415

Single Angler?

Single Anglers are always welcome on our safaris but chartering a fishing boat on your own is expensive. When a single angler books a safari with us we do our best to link them up with a like-minded fishing buddy to share the cost.
Gareth Bassett (Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) a South African angler is looking for someone to share his fishing boat on a Lake Nasser Safari starting 11/03/13
Contact Peter for more details on any of the above – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What People are Saying

From: Ian Hazell - Acton Angling
Sent: 26 November 2012 11:13 PM

 Hi Tim
Just wanted to let you know that the safari was excellent as usual. Everyone had a great time, some good fish caught, three of 84lb on the same morning, "absolutely unbelievable." There were also a 70lb, 54lb, 53lb, 44lb plus a mix between 10 & 30.
I have attached a few photos for you to have a look at.
Looks like everyone is keen to return so hopefully see you next year.
Thanks for everything.
Regards Ian

From: Ian Hamilton
Date: 15 December 2012 16:52:17 GMT

 Hi Tim
As promised here are the pictures of Fiona’s 110lb fish.  We had a wonderful safari as usual.  The food was fantastic, much better than the hotel, and it was really great to see Ahmed, our guide, and the crew again.  It is reassuring to know that nothing has changed on the lake, it is still as beautiful as ever, and the fishing was good.  This trip we managed to catch 59 fish over 8 days which was pretty good.  Hope to see you again next year.  Have a great time in Australia.
Happy Christmas
Ian & Fiona

From: Diana van Bogaert
Sent: 04 January 2013 8:53 PM

Hello Tim,
We got back yesterday from the trip.  It was a wonderful time!  It really ended too soon.  Marhaba was quite okay and the two others who joined us from the safari boat were great company.  I have to say - both Mohamed Abdou and Osama (the chef) - whom we had the most regular contact with - really contributed to the experience.  Great people to be around and quite professional on all levels.  I've left a full evaluation with Yousef.  We all hope to come back another time - and include more hiking time.  We all like archaeology and really quite enjoyed the sites too. Blah, blah blah... I'm sure you've heard it all before!
I'm really glad this all came together.  Thank you, Peter and the rest of your team for a relaxing, fun (and fattening) trip!  Best wishes to you and your loved ones in 2013.
Warm regards,