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To help us send you the correct information please use the Booking Enquiry button on the right of your screen.

If you prefer to make the booking through your own travel agent then please ask them to contact us and together we will make the necessary arrangements for your boat safari to be included in your itinerary for Egypt.

If you would like to make any enquiry about how the safaris are operated, fishing techniques, or best time of the year etc. then please contact Tim Baily who lives in Aswan and looks after the operations on Lake Nasser by clicking the Ask a Question button on the right of your screen.

Single Travellers are welcome….

…. on two of our safaris the Abu Simbel Safari and the Lake Nasser fishing Safari you can pay for one place in the price band for 2 sharing a safari boat plus a reasonable single boat supplement. You then have the option of using the fishing boat for your own personal use, or we can advertise to find a suitable partner; if we find someone then neither of you will pay the single boat supplement. This system has been working well for many years.

Safari Discounts

Discounts only apply to the cost of the safari section of your holiday; they do not apply to the Arrival & Departure Package, hotel bookings and sightseeing in mainland Egypt.

Family Discount

Family discounts apply to all our safaris on Lake Nasser, adults pay the full amount under the price band for the number of family members travelling together; each child who is 21 years old or younger will get a 10% discount off the same price band.

Organizer Discount

If you have a group of six or more friends coming on safari with you then take advantage of our organizer discount. For six or more booking a safari together we will be pleased to offer a 20% discount to the sixth person who is organizing the booking. This discount offer applies to all our safaris.

Father and Son (or Daughter) Lake Nasser Fishing Safari

For Dads who would like to take their son fishing. To qualify for a discount the sons upper age limit is 21. You can bring more than one son and also your son's friends making up a safari sharing several fishing boats. Each child gets a 10% discount from the price band for the number of people travelling together while the father pays the full amount under the same price band for the number of people sharing a fishing boat or house boat. This offer only applies to our Lake Nasser Fishing Safari.

Family on Safari

Many families have already discovered the fascination of nature and the ‘great out-doors’ recognizing the benefit of introducing their children to our worlds natural environment. A small boat safari on a beautiful desert lake has many more worthwhile adventures than a normal sun, sea & sand holiday staying in a plush hotel.

House Boats are a perfect choice for families or a group of friends. They have two spacious cabins sleeping four comfortably; you can accommodate up to six people with two sleeping on the sun deck. They are fitted with a toilet & shower and a small galley with amenities for making tea or coffee also an ice box filled with cold drinks. The sun deck has a shaded area which is ideal for relaxing. A house boat is perfect for exploring the Lake, big enough to be comfortable but also small enough to reach shallow areas, where you are more likely to see wild life and get close enough for that memorable photograph.

House & Fishing Boat Combo: Having two boats is the ideal way to include your family on a fishing holiday, while they explore the lake in the comfortable house boat, you can go fishing in the smaller boat. With two comfortable beds in the fishing boat this combo can accommodates up to six people. 

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