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Lake Nasser Small Boat Safari

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“Our objective is to offer affordable first class holidays personalized to small groups of individuals and families who would like a break from crowded tourist sites and experience Egypt from a different perspective”  

    Tim Baily: Founder of African Angler Pty Ltd.

Here is your chance to do something completely different, come on a desert lake safari to explore Lake Nasser’s magnificent desert landscapes and biodiversity in your own private live aboard boat supported by a well-appointed mother ship and safari crew who will take good care of you on an African style safari; an experience which cannot be underestimated. Refer to Safari Boats & Crew.

Camps are located on sandy beaches where it is safe to swim in the lakes clean fresh water. There are plenty of opportunities to walk along the desert shore where, in some places, the water has washed away the top soil, to reveal plant and animal fossils of bygone eras. Also, Stone Age drawings and more ‘modern’ Hieroglyphics, carved by ancient Egyptians during their trading or mineral seeking expeditions down the Nile, can also be found. During the two annual bird migrations between Africa and the northern hemisphere you will be amazed by the millions of birds passing through this desert lake. For more information see About Lake Nasser

Our most popular safari is the cruise from Aswan to Abu Simbel which is a much more rewarding adventure than to travel down the the middle of the lake in a huge cruise ship.

How Small Boat Safaris Work

A small boat safari is as close to the real meaning of the word safari as you are likely to find. On an African style safari 4x4 vehicles are used for travelling, while support trucks carrying the equipment and safari staff go on ahead to set up camps. Our safaris are the same except we use live aboard boats supported by well-appointed mother ships instead of land vehicles. You will be well looked after on safari; our Nubian safari staff will surprise you with their ability to conjure up amazing food in the middle of nowhere. The style of cooking is a blend of western taste merged with Nubian cuisine, which is superb.

For your live aboard boat you can charter either a House Boat or a Safari Boat which you will have for your own exclusive use. Each boat is skippered by an English speaking Nubian guide with extensive local knowledge many of our guides have had more than 15 years’ experience on Lake Nasser.

House Boats are a perfect choice for families or a group of friends, the more people who share a house boat the less expensive it becomes for each person. Safari Boats are smaller than the house boats, originally designed for fishing they are ideal for those who would like to try their luck fishing for Nile perch or Tiger fish.For more information click on Safari Boats & Crew in the left panel.


“Tim Baily who was born and raised in Kenya runs and organizes 'The African Angler' and it is through Tim's enterprise that individuals find themselves in the desert of southern Egypt. It must be emphasized from the very outset that the term safari is precisely what a trip to Lake Nasser is. The environment is rugged, though incredibly beautiful, remote and demanding. Yet despite this Tim has, evolved an adventure which is remarkably civilized in several aspects, primarily centered about the social and culinary side of the trip”.         

Martin Gay article “More Than Meets the Eye”



Send us an email with your dates and how long you would like to spend on the lake and we will tell you what availability we have. Or, ask your travel agent to contact us and together we will make the necessary arrangements for you. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Small Boat Safari (From 2 Days & 1 night upward)

You can come on a Desert Lake Safari on any month of the year and stay for as long as you like which will make it easy to include this unique experience into your holiday itinerary for Egypt. For program details click on Small Boat Safari in the left panel

Abu Simbel Safari (5 days & 4 nights)

Our most popular small boat safari is the cruise between Aswan and Abu Simbel. A highlight is visiting the Temples of Abu Simbel where four immense statues of Ramses II address the lake, designed as a show of strength, an awesome sentinel watching over boats sailing into the Pharaoh’s lands. Click on Abu Simbel Safari in the left panel for details.

Private Charter

Charter your own boat safari unit with your choice of live aboard boats, which are supported by a mother ship for your own private use. This safari can start or end on any day of the year and last for as long as required. Perfect for a family or small group of friends who would like to set out and explore the lake, at their own pace, on a private adventure which has few equals anywhere. Please email Peter for more details This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"These safaris are not just about angling and fishing. To sit back under a big, full sky full of stars, eating, drinking and yarning, listening to the desert sounds.... are a super experience, both exciting and relaxing simultaneously ". 

Barrie Rickards: Professor of Paleontology and Biostratigraphy Cambridge University.


Destination Information

To get the most from your holiday it is important you know as much as possible about the style of our safari. Click on Getting Ready & Arrival in Egypt in the left navigation panel where you will find a lot of useful information including flights to Egypt etc.