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What People Say

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Approximately forty percent of the people who come on safari with the African Angler have been with us before, some many times. One of the record holders for the most safaris is John Wilson who is UK’s top fisherman; author and TV personality John has been on an amazing 18 safaris with us over the years. We owe John a very big "thank you" for all the publicity that he has given the African Angler which, without any doubt, has put us on the map in the angling world.
In November 2009 John was awarded an MBE for his service to the British angling public.

Here are some of the many emails people, from all over the world, have sent us about their safari experience.

“Another interesting experience is shore fishing… Where else, for instance, can you work artificial lures from the shore anywhere in the world, either in fresh or salt water, and encounter fish in the 20lb to 100lb category. Nasser is quite unique in this kind of experience, believe me!”
John Wilson MBE England’s best known angling writer and TV personality 

"These safaris are not just angling and fishing. To sit back under a big, full sky full of stars, eating, drinking and yarning, listening to the desert sounds.... are a super experience, both exciting and relaxing simultaneously ".
Professor Barrie Rickards, Palaeontologist and author of 31 angling books

“The Nile perch is big. The locals here will tell you incredible stories of fish of 300lb and more, without blinking. And if you feel the need to fantasise, just think of monsters of the species, in silver armour, gliding down the streets of deep drowned Nubian villages “.
Clive Gammon Angling Journalist and Author

“The kind of hospitality shown by Tim and his guides is seldom seen these days and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly ".
Steve Pitts 

".... The overall visual impression is almost of an Alpine landscape in negative, with brown mountains and hills filled with drifts of ochre sand which, were they white could be ski slopes and glaciers. Instead of biting alpine cold, there is summer sunshine and heat. "
Pat Mackreth

Dim lights
Chris Bailey - Reel Outdoors (America)

Thanks for the great safari I had on Lake Nasser before Christmas, everything was superbly well organised, you guys run a terrific outfit there; everyone on the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and good fun.
Simon Unitt - England

Apologies for the delay in my response, but I have only returned to the office today.
I had a fantastic trip and I could not fault the organisation or the way we were looked after by the crew on the support boat.
I do have some photos of my 120lb perch and I will e mail these to you tomorrow.
The fish was caught in the early afternoon, just after lunch, as we were trolling in some deep water near the shoreline. As it came from deep water it did "Gas Up", but after some careful reviving including the use of a needle to the swim bladder, it was safely returned.
You may wish to check with Mohammed Elephantine as to the precise lure I caught this fish on. I thought it was a "Depth Raider" but I may be wrong. It was almost certainly the deepest diver in the tackle hire box (30 foot depth?) and I believe that it may have been hand painted by Mohammed, with its white body and red head.
Mark J Ward - England

We had a really fantastic time, not only on safari but in Egypt as a whole and wish to sincerely thank you for the effort you made to put us in touch with all the wonderful sights and people we saw.
Our Abel Simbel safari was going reasonably well as we had caught one or two fish in the 20 to 40 lb bracket. On our last afternoon with our major camera battery on charge on the mother ship, we set sail with Mohammed; Heather fishing with a deep diver fairly quickly had a bite and landed a 70 pounder, shortly followed by a 75 pounder and finally a one hundred pounder, which we weighed on the boat. Poor John had to admire these wonderful fish. Being a loving wife Heather told me to take the next bite if there was one. Sure enough her rod bent again and I picked it up. I am never going to hear the end of this story as after a great fight we pulled a 160 pound Nile Perch onto the boat where we weighed it.
We took some photographs on our small digital but it looks like only one was any good. As we are at the moment in Guatemala catching sailfish we will take those photos off the camera when we can and send them on to you. We shall be back in South Africa at the end of January.
Thank you once again for a wonderful holiday which we hope to repeat in the future.
We will write you a more detailed letter with the photos when we get back home.
We wish you and Tim a wonderful 2010.
Heather and John Fewer - South Africa

I will be there you offer one of the best trips I have been on and will be coming back again and again.
I’m will send flight details to you in the New Year.
Once again thank you for all your help and have a great new year

Jim West - England

Hello all of you, who made my trip to Egypt and Lake Nasser the best of it all!
I will come back again, maybe not for fishing but to enjoy the warm hospitality that we got during our whole journey!
The staff told me that I will be treated like a Queen every single day, and as a pleasant surprise every word of it was true!
When I was sick they took such a good care of me that it reminded me of my childhood; and that is something one should never forget :)

Thank You all very much for all the wonderful experiences, hospitality, for letting me be a princess for one week and a holiday of my dreams!
I think I have left a piece of my heart somewhere along the way, so if anyone should find it - ask them to take extra good care of it :)
Natalia Sanila - Finland

Just a short note of thanks for the wonderful day fishing your company professionally arranged for me.
I was picked up promptly from the Cruise boat and was soon underway to one of Mohamed’s “hot spots” which produced a nice 12-15 Kg Nile Perch, unfortunately that was the only one for the day (but I did expect that the fishing would be tough due to the time of the year and that we could not be able to cover the areas the your longer safaris cover).
Never the less I really did enjoy myself (which included a little fly fishing from the shore of an island during the lunch break)
I hope to be back sometime soon “God willing”
Thanks again to all
Tony Whittaker - South Africa

Yes thank you very much. Mr. Sawada was very happy.
He got 13 Nile perch and 13 Tiger fish.
And he got Nile perch 80Lb 113cm, 90Lb 120cm and 105Lb 131cm.
Takayuki Usui - BigTrout Ltd. - Japan

My wife and I just wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful safari we had with you. That was my first time Nile Perch fishing and we really enjoyed ourselves throughout the safari … 120++ perch in 5 days fishing and a 80lbs whopper !!!
Our pictures and video came out great and we love to show to show it to everyone. We are still telling stories about our great catches, beautiful people and breath-taking sceneries…Thank you again for everything!! We will be back next year, if not sooner!! But next time we’ll definitely go on a longer safari …
Take care and keep catching’ the BIG ones … but be sure to keep some in there for us !!!
See you gentlemen till then …
Best Regards,
Dax & Tarn Soh - Singapore

Apologies if you have already received this. Technical problems!
I returned last week from my second African Angler safari. Last year the John Wilson trip. This year it was a Nubian safari, with a friend. Another brilliant holiday. I am sure my experience of last year’s trip stood me in good part with 8 fish over 50lbs, best of 90, 3 in the 70’s and a Bagrus of 45lbs. My companion fared less well but still managed several fish including a 60 and 50 and he lost lots of good fish. He has already asked me to book next year’s trip!
We were very impressed with our guide Ahmed, a cheery guy who worked hard to find our fish. The food again was excellent and my companion informs me he has put on 4lbs weight. The support crew could not have been more helpful or friendly. Please pass on our thanks to them all.
The one thing missing from the trip was an update of the Natalie story!
Thanks for providing a wonderful fishing trip. I am sure we will be back next year.
Keith Potter - England

I am finally back in South Africa after a long holiday in Egypt.
I wanted to thank you and your ground staff for every effort put in to ensure a trip without any hick ups.
Please communicate an enormous and special thanks to Ahmed who work really hard to get me fish in what was a hard
week's fishing and also to the crew of the Nubian Queen who's food and service really overshadowed that of any
Egyptian hotel that I stayed in. And most of all for their warm hospitality and sense of "family" that they extended.
The safari truly exceeded all my expectations and I will definitely be back.
Tight lines and screaming reels.

Riaan van Eeden - South Africa

Sorry I have not written sooner. We had a great time on our 3 day family safari, and my wife really liked the hotels and tours you had arranged for us. Those Amex guys were great. It was a wonderful trip with many memories.
On the last day, my youngest son Frank caught a 50 lb. perch. I submitted it to IGFA and it was accepted last week as a new IGFA Junior World Record (50lb 0oz).
Thought you might like to know.
Thanks again,
Steven Heggeness - England

I have just returned from a fishing trip in Lake Nasser which was organised by Maggi Smit of Go Fishing Worldwide, a company I have used for a number of years, having fished all round the world.
I would like to congratulate you on the services provided in the accommodation food and most of all the staff who were attentive and not obtrusive and made sure our holiday was as enjoyable as possible.
Furthermore the transfer staff who met us and arranged all our needs, namely Sam of American Express, requires special praise and thanks.
My son suffers from a medical condition that requires him to have ready access to a toilet having suffered from bowel cancer some years ago and Maggi was spot on with the trip and facilities she booked with you. Thank you to you and all your staff and I will have no hesitation in recommending African Angler and Go Fishing World Wide to any of my numerous fishing friends. In fact I have already done so at the hotel in Luxor to two wives who were looking for a fishing trip for their husbands.
Should I have any suggestions it would be some form of communication to and from stealth boats to House boats and Supply boats and perhaps the offer of a life jacket for use in the small fishing dinghy.
Thank you again and I trust that your company will continue to prosper and grow
Regards and thanks
Ivor Pattenden - England

We all had a fantastic time, the fishing was excellent over a hundred fish between us, and mostly caught from the shore I had some great sport on the fly rod (several double figure tigers) which was good.
The guys on the supply boat were great fun as always, so a really good trip yet again.
One thing to mention though, a couple of the guys that came were on a bit of a budget and the beer price was quite a bit different than advertised.
Thanks for another superb holiday
All the best mate
Ian Hazel - England

Tim Baily reply:
Sorry about the beer prices. We pay everything in Egyptian Pounds which are linked to the US$; the world financial crisis strengthened the US$ and as a result also the Egyptian Pound which increased the price of drinks (plus all our other operating costs) by around 15% at the start of the season. The exchange rates are now improving, so we have already reduced our drinks prices for the winter season.


Just a quick note to express my thanks for last week’s safari, having both yourself and John as hosts helped to make a great experience even better than I could have anticipated. This was truly an event I shall never forget. My son thought the crocodile teeth were fantastic and my wife thought they were repulsive so the desired effect was most definitely achieved. :-)
Many thanks again and the very best of luck with your new book
Kind regards
Jason Heenan - England 

Hi Peter
Antony and I enjoyed the fishing trip very much which is why we want to go again, the service from Shaban and the staff on the mother ship were 2nd to none. The food was excellent just as good as I have eaten in top restaurants and 5 star hotels.  They were all good company.
I am getting together some other friends who are interested in going with me and tony as we told them how good it was.  I would like one of our guides to be Shaban.  Can you tell me what the weather will be like in December especially at night?
Can you give me a price for around the 1st of December to include arrival package. Is it best to get our own flights?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Duane Roberts