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Nile Perch Fishing Safari Specials

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Lake Nasser where massive Nile Perch, giant Vundu catfish and Tiger fish provide some of the best fresh water fishing in the world 

Four share fishing boat, stealth boat as second platform

Egyptians have been fishing for Nile perch since the dawn of civilization so why not come and try your luck as well, targeting one of the largest fresh water fish in the world, the legendary Nile perch? Tiger fish, which grow to 16lbs, are also plentiful; one look at their vicious teeth leaves you in no doubt they are savage predators which, for sheer sport on light tackle, take a lot of beating. There are also 18 species of Catfish in the lake, two huge species Vundu and Bagrus are worth your attention, if you hook a big ‘cat’ it will give you an unforgettably tough fight.
Our special offers and gap fillers are great value so, ‘hook up’ with your fishing buddy and take advantage of this opportunity.


Winter 2014 – WELCOME BACK – Complementary Tackle

Now that the political fuss and bother is over and done with, here is an incentive to book an adventurous fishing holiday this coming winter and at the same time get some sunshine.
If you book any safari for travel between Tuesday 30th September 2014 up to and including the safari starting on Tuesday December 16th 2014 we will provide you with a full set of specialized Lake Nasser fishing tackle, rods, reels, lures and terminal tackle. This offer excludes any safari already discounted during the above dates.
For details please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Winter 2014 Special Offer – 5 nights & 6 days fishing
This special offer is for one of our Lake Nasser Safari the only difference is the great value cost outlined below. You have two options:-
Book this safari on its own and make your own arrangements to reach Aswan where we will meet you at the airport, your hotel or Nile cruise ship and then transfer you to and from the safari start point on the lake.
Special offer price per person: Start 18th November end 23rd November 2014
Using a Fishing Boat: - 2 share a fishing boat     - £750      - €935     - $1,275
House Boat & one Fishing Boat Combo 2 share  - £1,095  - €1,365  - $1,860         3 share  - £755  - €940  - $1,280
House Boat & two Fishing Boat Combo 4 share  - £575      - €715    - $975
Include your arrival & departure arrangements for a complete holiday. Everything is included from your arrival in Egypt until you board your homebound flight.
Special offer price per person: Start 17th November end 24th November 2014
Using a Fishing Boat: - 2 share a fishing boat      - £870     - €1,080  - $1,475
House Boat & one Fishing Boat Combo 2 share  - £1,215  - €1,510  - $2,060      3 share  - £875  - €1,085  - $1,480
House Boat & two Fishing Boat Combo 4 share  - £695  - €860  - $1,175
The itinerary and inclusions are exactly the same as our Lake Nasser Safari click for details.

Four share Fishing Boat & Stealth Boat Combo:

Four anglers cannot troll from one fishing boat without line tangles so we include a stealth boat and guide as the second fishing platform; two anglers fishing from each boat is ideal for trolling and shore fishing. Stealth Boats have the advantage of being smaller and less obtrusive and can fish areas more quietly and efficiently than is possible from our larger fishing boats.
This offer includes all Lake Nasser Safari up to and including departure on 16/12/14.
Four share this combo £480 - €595 - $810 per person for 5 nights & 6 days fishing.

¸¸.´¯`.¸.>< ((((((º> Standard Discounts

These discounts only apply to the lake safari section of the itinerary for both Nile Perch Fishing and Lake Nasser Boat Safaris. They do not apply to hotels, mainland sightseeing, day trips or our Arrival & Departure Package.

Father and Son (or Daughter)
This is a popular special offer aimed at helping Dad to take his son or daughter on an incredible adventure they will not forget for a long time. The father and son (or daughter) discount applies to both our Lake Nasser fishing & the Nubian Safari (Private Safari). To qualify for a discount the child’s lower age limit is 10 years and the upper limit is 21. If the son (or Daughter) is the second person in the boat they get a 10% discount from the price of the safari while the father pays the full amount under the price band for 2 anglers sharing a fishing boat. If two children are joining their father in the same boat then the father pays the full amount under the price band for 3 anglers sharing a fishing boat and each child gets a 10% discount from the same price band.
The best way for families to enjoy a fishing safari is to use the house boat and fishing boat combination. The family can enjoy the safari experience while the father goes fishing in the stealth boat. Adults pay the full amount under the price band of the number of family members and the children get a 10% discount off the same price band.
If you have a group of friends who would like to come on safari with you take advantage of our ‘organizer’ discounts. These discounts do not apply to families’ who are already claiming a family discount.
If a group of six or more full paying people book a safari together we will be pleased to offer a 20% discount to the sixth person who is organizing the booking.



 We look forward to welcoming you to Lake Nasser.

“Another interesting experience is shore fishing… Where else, for instance, can you work artificial lures from the shore anywhere in the world, either in fresh or salt water, and encounter 'wild' fish in the 20lb to 100lb category. Nasser is quite unique in this kind of experience, believe me!”
John Wilson MBE England’s best known angling writer and TV personality