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Lake Nasser - Egypts Natural Treasure

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In the 1960’s a massive dam was built on the Nile at Aswan and the resulting Lake Nasser flooded over 6,200 sq. km. of southern Egypt creating the world’s second largest man made reservoir -- a vast body of clean fresh water in the middle of the largest and driest desert on our planet.
In addition to a spectacular desert panorama Lake Nasser also has an impressive biodiversity. The residents are nomadic herdsmen who graze their flocks on the sparse vegetation at the edge of the Lake. There are also several important Nubian archaeological sites the most notable are the magnificent temples at Abu Simbel. The fish populations of the original river system were presented with a huge lake to live in and are thriving in their new habitat, especially the Tilapia and their predators, Nile perch, Tiger fish and big catfish.
If you interested in the natural world and would like to experience the Sahara Desert in comfort, then include a small boat safari when you visit Egypt. A small boat safari is a more worthwhile adventure than traveling in a huge cruise ship; you will get a more intimate and rewarding close up of this unique desert Lake.

Boat Safari

A small boat safari is as close to the real meaning of the word safari as you are likely to find. On an African style safari 4x4 vehicles are used for travelling, while support trucks carrying the equipment and safari staff went on ahead to set up comfortable camps. Our safaris are the same except we use live aboard boats supported by well-appointed mother ships instead of land vehicles. Days are spent exploring this picturesque desert lake in your own live aboard boat then at lunch time and in the evenings you meet up with your mother ship where meals and drinks are enjoyed in comfortable social surroundings.
In 1993 we had the privilege of pioneering small boat safaris on Lake Nasser and over the past 20 years have become a household name in the angling world. Using this in-depth experience plus an inherent love of the natural world we also operate popular nature and wild life related safaris.

Choose the activity you are most interested in, The natural world and discover the Sahara Desert or Sport fishing.


Lake Nasser Small Boat Safari

The natural world and discovering the Sahara Desert. There is a lot to see and do, in many ways it’s like visiting a game park where you will have fun going for easy walks in a beautiful desert environment, viewing spectacular bird and wild life, at the same time enjoying the experience of a comfortable boat safari waited on ‘hand & foot’ by a dedicated team of Nubian safari staff and guides. For more info click Lake Nasser Small Boat Safari.

 “The kind of hospitality shown by Tim and his guides is seldom seen these days and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly ". Steve Pitts.


Nile Perch Fishing

Lake Nasser is famous for its Nile perch and there is also the added bonus of exciting lighter tackle action targeting the hard fighting Tiger fish or night ledgering for the big Vundu and Bagrus catfish. Most anglers will catch the largest wild fresh water fish of their life and have an angling adventure they will never forget. For more info click Nile Perch Fishing

“Another interesting experience is shore fishing… Where else, for instance, can you work artificial lures from the shore anywhere in the world, either in fresh or salt water, and encounter wild fish in the 20lb to 100lb category. Nasser is quite unique in this kind of experience, believe me!”  

John Wilson MBE England’s best known angling writer and TV personality